Location: 3rd floor of Rue Manor
Appearance: A small compartment perfect for keeping tracks on
the guests
Features: - Surveillance Monitor
- Surveillance Footage
- Remote Control
Visited in: Kaboom, Frost Nixin, Golden Cuffs
Events: The riddle in Kaboom

Investigation area in Frost Nixin

The attic is a very small room In Rue Manor. It has not been visited by most guests.


On Day 3, Ronnie is able to win the riddle challenge by making it into the attic first. Once inside, Ronnie finds a television monitor sitting on a table, along with a television remote. Sitting down, he notices that the television is playing footage of Adrianna in the golf cart in the backyard. After being instructed by the monitor, Ronnie presses the bomb button on the remote, causing the golf cart to explode and the screen to go static. Ronnie now knows the true cause of death.

Frost Nixin

After winning the ice chipping challenge on Day 8, Kam is granted the opportunity to investigate the attic, aka the Mystery Area. Once in there, Kam finds the television monitor to be playing video footage of Ronnie just minutes before his chilly demise. The footage is separated into four parts: Camera 1, which shows Ronnie brewing his tea and preparing to write a note in the library; Camera 2, which shows him getting into the hot tub and turning on the jets; Camera 3, which shows Ronnie presumably falling asleep; Camera 4, which shows him getting launched out of the hot tub and into the air. Kam now has several pieces of information, but feels like the Mystery Area didn't give him enough.