"I'm not gonna do this scurry, run all over the place
and kill myself and trip people and try to shut people out the doors...
I'm not doing that. Way too elegant for that!"
— Dana showing off her elegance

( Kaboom )
Dana Davis Blake
Dana Main
Age: 39
Occupation: Cardiac Nurse
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Season: 1
Placing: 7
Result: Murdered
Role: Contestant
No. of wins: 1
Spared: 2 time(s)
Scared: 3 time(s)
Ep. of Death: Bum Ba Dee Da
COD: Drained blood from the arm
TOD: After midnight of day 6

Dana is a cardiac nurse from Asheville, North Carolina, and is a competitor in season 1 of Whodunnit?


High VoltageEdit

When Dana first checks into Rue Manor, she introduces herself as a cardiac nurse. After settling into her room, she is startled to hear a loud crash. Following the sound, she enters the foyer where she, along with the 11 other remaining guests, find Sheri's "dead" body lying down on the floor. Now knowing how the game is played, Dana volunteers to join Ulysses and Dontae in examining the morgue. There, they find an old musket ball in the back of Sheri's neck, and Dana is aware that this kind of blow to the spinal cord leads to instant death. The three of them agree to withhold this key piece of information. During lunch, Dana decides to form a strong bond with Sasha, and lets her know this by pulling her aside and telling her about the musket ball, making her the only person she's going to reveal it to. Frustrated when finding out that Dontae has revealed the information about the ball to other guests, Dana decides that she's "done" puting up with Dontae. Dana fails to solve the riddle challenge. At dinner, Dana is given a "Spared" card, confirming her to be safe.

Fire StarterEdit

On day 2 at 4:38 AM, Dana is awoken by the house fire alarm. After meeting up with everybody outside, Dana, along with the 10 other remaining guests, witness Dontae running out of the house and into the pool, "dying" shortly afterwards. Dana agrees to visit the morgue again. It is there where she, along with Don, Cris, and Ulysses, find Dontae's body to be mostly burnt near the right arm and the chest. They also realize that Dontae's pajamas are different from everyone else's. After failing the riddle challenge, Dana is desperate to talk with Ulysses, feeling that it's a part of their "pact". She is unable to meet up with him, however, and Dana is very frustrated to see him talking with Team Kam instead. While stating her case, Dana theorizes that the doorknob that Dontae had touched was soaked in some sort of accelerant. At dinner, Dana is extremely irritated to find out that Ulysses impresssed the killer the most. She is tearful when she is given a "Scared" card, joining Adrianna as one of the next potential victims.


On day 3 at 7:13 AM, Dana hears an explosion coming from the driveway outside. She is greeted by the 9 other remaining already outside, who, like her, realize that Adrianna had just been killed in a golf cart explosion. Dana decides to investigate the last known whereabouts with Sasha, Cris, and Lindsey. There, the girls find zip lies locking all the doors, except for the one that leads to the backyard. In addition, they find a broken cereal bowl, splattered with Cheerios and milk, on the floor, as well as a creepy message on the television screen that reads: 'DRIVE OFF THE PROPERTY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE'. During lunch, Dana encourages Melina to buddy up with Lindsey in an attempt to get her on their team. This works to varying degrees. Dana is frustrated while competing in the riddle challenge, which she fails. While stating her case, Dana is a little nervous, feeling like she doesn't know enough. At dinner, Dana is taken aback when she realizes that Ronnie didn't share all the information he found that day, which he claimed to have shared all of. Along with Don, Dana is then given a "Scared" card again, her life put at risk.

Mountain LyinEdit

On day 4 at 7:13 AM, Dana is relieved to see that everybody had survived the night. However, when Don leaves the dining room to cook his steak moments later, she, along with the other 8 remaining guests, is startled to find a mountain lion in the kitchen, along with Don's dead body. Choosing to investigate the crime scene with Kam, Lindsey, and Ronnie, Dana finds very minimal spots of blood, along with a pressure pad that opens a trap door. As a nurse, Dana feels that there is not enough blood present for the mountain lion to be what killed Don. Despite failing the riddle challenge, Dana is able to figure out the true cause of death before Geno can even tell her. Mentioning that her parents used cyanide salts in their company, Dana figures out that the pinkness on Don's face was over oxygenation, and that hydrogen cyanide creates an inhalant that's toxic and makes your face blood red. At dinner, the killer reveals Dana to be the guest to impress them the most, saying that she has gone from very "scared" to very impressive. Dana is just as confused as the other guests when they receive the phone call from "the killer", telling them to arrive at the stables by morning.

Bum Ba Dee DaEdit

All The World's A StageEdit

In the morning of Day 6, Dana was found dead leaning on the piano with a martini glass to her side while her comrade Sasha was sat at the piano bench. They were discovered by Geno, the third "Scared" contestant. With a knife pressed to her back, the killer forced Dana to push an unconscious Sasha to a secret elevator. Once Dana had successfully put Sasha on the metal bed in the secret morgue, the killer put a rag soaked in chloroform to her mouth, knocking her unconscious. The killer then slit Dana and Sasha's arms, draining every drop of their blood. The killer then redressed the corpses of Dana and Sasha and posed them by the piano. Dana became the seventh victim in this diabolical game, placing 7th.


  • With three "Scared" cards, Dana is the contestant to receive the most "Scared" cards from the killer.
  • Throughout the competition, Dana formed an alliance with Sasha, a fellow Southerner. They called themselves the "Southern Belles" and were even murdered together.
  • Dana is the only contestant to be eliminated although she didn't give the worst speech in the episode of death.


The image gallery for Dana may be viewed here.

Questionnaire [1]Edit

The producers of Whodunnit gave a questionnaire to all of the Guests of the Rue Manor and this is how Dana replied.[2]

Question Answer
What mystery-solving skills do you have,
if any?
As a nurse, a patient can decline long before the monitors detect any changes. An excellent nurse uses critical thinking or "solving" skills to determine that change and correct it before the patient crashes.
Tell us about the last time you tricked someone I told my daughter last month we bought her
a brand new car — it was a rental we had.
She was so excited and it was so cruel. :)
Give us an example that shows us how competitive you are. For starters, I don't even let my six-year-old win
when we play games.
#2 I think my life demonstrates competitiveness — I had a baby in 10th grade went right to college at 17th — obtained several degrees, never giving up. Also, I fought for custody of 2 children that I was told I couldn't.
List any special talents/interesting hobbies? I pay too much attention to details. Some call in being nosey. It has come in handy in many instances.
Very good memory for details.
Hobbies: I like coloring books! (Relaxing).
Describe yourself in one sentence. Dana Blake is protective and loyal, curious
and works well under pressure.

References/External LinksEdit

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  2. Excerpt from Dana's Bio: part 1 and part 2
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