The mountain lion, which crawls onto the island during the last few seconds of Don's life.

The kitchen is a room in Rue Manor.

Don's DeathEdit

In "Mountain Lyin", Don goes into the kitchen to cook his steak, but when he turns on the stove, cyanide gas is released into Don's face, causing him to suffocate. Meanwhile, a lion, which was released using a pressure pad that opened up a trap door, jumps onto the island, frightening Don in his last minutes of life. After Don collapses onto the floor, the lion jumps onto his dead body scratching him a bit, but then goes to the stove to eat Don's steak, for that is what the lion really wanted.

Riddle Challenge on Day 8Edit

During the riddle challenge in "Frost Nixin", the four remaining guests (Kam, Cris, Melina, Lindsey) are instructed to go to the kitchen to complete the riddle. There, they find large barrels filled with castor beans, one for each of the guests. There are to dig to the barrel until they find a silver container, which consists of their next step.

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