The Library is a room in Rue Manor. It is wear the guests go to "state their case" to the killer. It is also where Ronnie wrote a note to Giles, attempting to reveal the killer's identity.

State Your CaseEdit

After each riddle challenge is completed, the guests are then instructed to dress in formal wear and proceed to the library, where there are to state their case as to how the killer committed murder. At the end of each case, the guests then must make an accusation as to who the killer might be. The guest then leaves tle library and head over to dinner.

Ronnie's NoteEdit


Ronnie writing Giles a personal and confidential note.

In "Frost Nixin", Ronnie enters the library, just moments before his deadly hot tub treatment. In the library, he writes Giles a note, claiming that he knows who the killer is. While writing, one of the maids enters with tea. Ronnie brews a spoonful of ricin with his tea, thinking that it is powdered cream, and takes a sip. After leaving the library, the killer enters, finds the letter, and scratches out any evidence that lead back to their identity.

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