Melina's Team
Season 1
Team Leader: Melina


Members: Dana
Records: 1 win
1 scared cards
0 murdered
Strongest Member: Melina
Weakest Member: Dana
Alliances: Don
Rivals/Enemies: Kam The Killer

Formed on day 2, Melina's team was only around for one episode.


The team started out when Melina and Sasha were talking at lunch with Dana. Gradually, they took the play, beat the other team and owned the game, or that's what they've thought. 


  • Number of wins: 1 (earned by Sasha on day 1 )
  • Received "scared" cards: 1 (earned 1 time by Dana)


2 directed at Cris (from Melina )
2 directed at Lindsey (from Dana )
2 directed at Ulysses (from Sasha )

Alive PlayersEdit

  • None

"Dead" PlayersEdit

Team DislikesEdit

General Dislikes

Team PlansEdit


Melina tried to follow Don around for as long as possible until his death.


Dana tried to convince Ulysess to come over which worked, but he ended up on the other team.


  • This team was only around for one day
  • This is one of the three teams the others being Ronnie's Team and Team Kam

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