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Murder In Mystery Manner

The Premise

A grand estate. Ten unsuspecting guests. A diabolical game of life and death.

Ten excited guests arrive at the Westlake Estate, expecting a lavish retreat. They are the winners of a sweepstakes to “Live Like a Billionaire for a Week.” But what was supposed to be a promising escape soon turns into a horrific nightmare.

Within hours of arrival, the guests sit down for an extravagant dinner. When they pull their party poppers as instructed, a loud chorus of bangs resounds followed by earsplitting screams as the guest seated at the head of the table bursts into flames and slumps to the floor. The others are told they must solve the crime or be the next victim. The killer, their diabolical host, is hiding among them. Is it the well-toned Trophy Wife, the Retired Deputy Sheriff, the stoned College Dropout or perhaps the sweet, homely grandmother? The killer toys with them, inviting them to explore the lavish estate, from the stables to the hedge maze, in an effort to uncover the gory details of how the killer pulled off such a gruesome murder. Alliances are forged carefully, and information is shared warily, as no one knows whom to trust. The one with the least accurate solution to each murder will be the next to die a hideous death. By the end, only three guests remain: the winner, the loser, and the killer

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Names of the GuestsEdit

  • Sophia Evans - 34 - Unemployed
  • Emily Moreland - 23 - College Student
  • Thomas Gatling - 32 - Electrical Engineer
  • Frank Ponder - 66 - Retired Deputy Sheriff
  • Parker Sharpe - 28 - Former NCAA Division I Starting Quarterback
  • Bryce Kellerman - 20 - College Dropout
  • David Cho - 51 - Patent Attorney
  • Jacqueline Bossart - 68 - Retired Nurse
  • Darrel Gleason - 38 - High School Science Teacher
  • Guadalupe Ferrara - 39 - Account Executive