Team Ronnie
Season 1
Team Leader: Ronnie
Geno † (occasionally)
Members: Melina
Lindsey (formerly)
Records: 1 win
6 scared cards
6 murdered
Strongest Member: Melina
Weakest Member: Don
Rivals/Enemies: Adrianna
Team Kam
The Killer

Formed on day 2, Ronnie's team had  the most players on it until day 6. Sometimes, Geno can also be a leader as well.


The team started out with those who shared mutual dislike towards Team Kam. Gradually, they took the play, beat the other team and owned the game, or that's what they've thought. Though they outnumber Kam and his friends, they're usually outwitted by the quartet. Up until recently, that advantage has been compromised, and recently, Melina is the last remaining member.  They have a tendency to do well initially during the riddle challenge, only to get stuck along the way and have the members of Team Kam overtake them.


  • Number of wins: 1 (earned by Dana on day 4)
  • Received "scared" cards: 10 (earned 3 times by Dana, twice by Geno, once by Don, once by Sasha, twice by Ronnie, and once by Melina)


15 directed at Kam (mostly from Geno)
5 directed at Cris (all from Melina)
3 directed at Lindsey
2 directed at Adrianna
2 directed at Ulysses (all from Sasha)
  • Accusations against the team: Geno was suspected twice by Cris and Ulysses and 6 times by Kam.

Alive PlayersEdit

  • None

"Dead" PlayersEdit

Team DislikesEdit

General Dislikes


  • Blood


  • Reading
  • Trained Monkeys


  • Under-cooked steak 


  • Running


  • Puzzles

Team PlansEdit

Intention for Lindsey

Melina, Sasha, Geno, and Ronnie tried to get Lindsey killed, or at least to receive a "scared" cards by tearing team Kam apart, but their plan failed. Finally, on Day 6 Lindsey fleed back to Team Kam an stayed there for the remainder of the game.


  • Under Ronnie's charge, the team have received 8 "scared" cards due to misinformation and everyone's improvised theories.
  • Though they managed to outperform Team Kam in Mountain Lyin, they failed again in Bum Ba Dee Da, which resulted in 3 "scared" cards and later 2 murders. They also flopped in All the World's a Stage and Party Crasher  thus reducing the group to one player .
  • The first 3 members of Ronnie's team were Lindsey, Melina and himself, but later Lindsey's detached from the group for playing both sides.
  • In Mountain Lyin, Team Ronnie plotted on icing Lindsey out.
  • Melina is the last one standing, also the last girl to remain since day 5. Ronnie is the last man standing, only to get "killed". Interestingly, they are also two of the first initiates.
  • This is one of three teams the others being Melina's Team and Team Kam