Alright, maybe I don't need anymore champagne.
— Sheri after dropping her champagne glass

( High Voltage )
Sheri Marsh
Sheri Main
Age: 28
Occupation: Ex-NFL cheerleader
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Season: 1
Result: Murdered
Role: First Victim
Ep. of Death: High Voltage
COD: Shot by a musket round
from a slingshot
TOD: Morning on day 1

Sheri is a former NFL Cheerleader from Los Angeles. She is the first victim of this season.


Sadly, Sheri was "killed" before the game even started. In High Voltage after she and the other guests arrived at Rue Manor, she accidentally dropped her champagne glass. Such action, as explained by The Killer, has cost her "her life".


High Voltage


As she was taking a shower, the "killer" broke into her room with a crowbar. In a cloud of steam, he wrote a message on the mirror that says, "Meet Me At The Fish Tank. I Have Vital Info For You". Sheri fell for that message and went downstairs. The "killer" then cut the wire of the lamp but left it plugged in. As Sheri arrived at the fish tank, the "killer" removed a glass window, then aimed his slingshot and fired his shot and hit Sheri in the back of her neck, "killing" her instantly. After she got hit, she hit her head on the fish tank, leaving only a crack, giving the "killer" more than enough time to stash the slingshot and crowbar into the trunk outside the manor. The fish tank then broke apart spilling water that made contact with a live wire "electrocuting" the "already dead" Sheri with high voltage.



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Questionnaire [1]

The producers of Whodunnit gave a questionnaire to all of the Guests of the Rue Manor and this is how they replied.

Question Answer
What mystery-solving skills do you have,
if any?
I feel I rely mostly on my keen instincts as well as my attention to detail and sensitivity to noticing and picking up on when something or someone is out of the ordinary. I've also become very good at reading people!
Tell us about the last time you were tricked. If somebody tricks me, I either laugh because they managed to "get" me and applaud them for that, or I blame myself for not being smart enough to have figured that out, but I'm definitely a good sport.
Give us an example that shows us how competitive you are. When I first started this job bartending there was a competition and whoever sold the most of this brand of vodka won some money + a bottle of it. I had only worked there for a week + was the newest employee but I ended up winning over everyone.
List any special talents/interesting hobbies? I honestly feel I have a real talent for reading people + situations + knowing what's going to happen. My attention to detail too. But I love to dance + I'm pretty good at most any kind. I'm really good w/ animals too + have a passion for them. I love being social but love my alone time and just enjoy hanging w/ friends + watching movies.
Describe yourself in one sentence. Smart, fun, outgoing, caring + compassionate, well-rounded person who enjoys life + making people happy and just wants to make the world a better place.

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