The Morgue is an area where the guests can examine the latest victim of the killer. This room is under the house, right next to the movie theater. In the Morgue is 1/2 tables where the victim(s) lie down while they're dead. In "All the World's a Stage", it is revealed that there is a secret room located in the morgue, which appears to be a second Morgue, but looks to be more to be more torturous, and found in the "second morgue" by Cris was a hunting knife, a rag with chloroform and a lipstick stain that was used to knock out Dana, and a scalpal used to cut the arms of Sasha and Dana.

400px-Whodunnit corpse

The "dead" body of Dontae lying down in the morgue, as seen in "Fire Starter".


  • The only two contestants to have never visited the morgue as the contestants are Adrianna and Geno. (Geno has been in the morgue playing the part of the dead body that was to be examined by the contestants, while Adrianna has never visited the morgue at all, since her morgue examination took place on a tree outdoors).

    The "second morgue", as seen in "All The World's A Stage".