The outdoor swimming pool is an area located in the backyard of Rue Manor.

Fire StarterEdit


On Day 2 at 4:38 AM, all the guests, except for Dontae, gather outside near the pool after the fire alarm goes off. Moments later, a flaming figure, revealed to be Dontae, comes running out of the house and plunging into the basin. Shortly dying afterwards, Dontae floats helplessly in his watery grave, where his St. Agatha necklace, which was given to him beforehand by the killer, sinks to the bottom. 

Frost NixinEdit

On Day 8 after breakfast, Ronnie enters the hot tub next to the pool, as part of a special day spa treatment given by the killer. After a timer on a liquid nitrogen gas tank connected to the hot tub expires, the already-dead Ronnie is launched out of the hot tub and into the pool. Both areas are found to be covered up with fog and ice, possibly due to the freezing temperatures.


The house guests find the dead body of Ronnie as he floats in his cold, watery grave.

Golden CuffsEdit

After being risen from the dead, Dontae and Ronnie are placed near the pool where they are to give instructions to the three remaining guests (Kam, Cris, and Lindsey), as part of the final riddle challenge. A charred Dontae sits in a lounge chair towards the edge of the pool, wearing sunglasses and the same flammable flannel pajamas he wore during his demise. Holding two necklaces in his hand, one reading St. Agatha, the other St. Elmo, the guests are to guess which necklace Dontae wore on the night of his "inferno". A warm, yet cool, Ronnie sits on the edge of the hot tub just a few feet away from Dontae. The guests are to search through the foggy hot tub and find which bean in the basin had "the means" to poison Ronnie.