Message From The Killer:

So you want to try and figure out who I am. I warned you already... I am watching you. Be careful. If you aren't, something might happen to you on "accident". Have Fun! -Your Killer

Killer Guesses

Everywhere you go the killer could be watching you, so be careful about what you say. Make sure you leave no trace of evidence so the killer won't get to you! Down below you can add your theories and tell us who you think the killer really is!! But be warned, one wrong move and you could be next! Leave your guesses in the comments below!

Who Do You Think I Am?

Who Do You Think I Am? — Message from The Killer

The poll was created at 02:32 on August 10, 2013, and so far 475 people voted.

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  • The butler did it

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    • The buttler knows the whole time who done it so its not him, take that from the girl who wached the season 54 times
    • i didnt do it -_-
  • The next season

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    • Okay, For the people who think they should not make another season because the kills where real well... there not if you wached the last epis...
    • Wow, I can clearly see that the excitement hasn't worn off after 53 times rewatch, something to be proud of :D

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