A lot of people want to know who the killer is, and with my research I think I have found him/her. The first thing I would like to address is that this proof is all based off the first six episodes and this is all completley my own research. So the first thing I would like to present you is that Sheri,Dontae,Adrianna,Don,Ulysses,Sasha,Dana, and Geno are all out of the running so they can't possibly be the killer. Next is that the killer told them if they did the best job at the dinner so the following people have done the best, Lindsey,Kam, and Criss. The third thing I would like to point out is that Melina and Ronnie are the only one two left now the one who has gotten a scared card and is eliminated from the killer theory is Ronnie because he got a scared card and could have possibly died and be out of the game,unless he pretended to fail to get a scared card and get Geno out but there is one other thing that proves it was Melina. In the episode titled Mountain Lyin When the killer called it said Hi I'm Melina and I'm the killer! Are you surprised? You should be because, and then switched to Sasha, but during the entire time Melina was smiling and afterwards she said "The killer must have made a mix tape of what we said" but she never said what she said on the call in the show.

So make of it what you will but I have the highest detective skills available and I'm very comfortable with my theory so this is my first blog as well so give me your ideas in any form you please I'm not afraid of a little criticism.

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