Reality Competition

Created By

Anthony Zuiker

Presented By

Gildart Jackson

Country Of Origin

United States

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No. of Seasons


No. of episodes

9(as of August 18,2013)

Whodunnit? is a murder mystery reality competition television series broadcasted on ABC. The series premiered on June 23, 2013, and airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern Time.


The series follows 13 investigators living in a mansion, Rue Manor, where one of the investigators is the "killer." A "murder" takes place around which the players base their investigation using CSI technology and establishing pacts among one another. At the end of each episode, each player, in a private video confession, explains how the murder took place; the end credits indicate that they also take a written test on the crime, as on the previous ABC show The Mole. During dinner, Giles hands each investigator an envelope, presumably from the killer. Those who deduced most accurately receive a card saying "Spared", while those doing the worst receive a card saying "Scared" and are up for elimination. During the night, the "killer" "murders" one of the "Scared" players, eliminating that investigator from the game, and setting up the "murder" for the next episode. In the finale, the investigator to correctly solve the identity of the "killer" wins $250,000.


The series is hosted by Gildart Jackson, who plays the mansion's butler, Giles. The contestants for season one are:

Name Age Occupation Residence
Adrianna Iwasinski 40 TV Crime Reporter Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Cristina "Cris" Crotz 27 Ex-Beauty Queen Costa Mesa, California
Dana Davis Blake 39 Cardiac Nurse Asheville, North Carolina
Don 62 Ex-Homicide Detective Santa Clarita, California
Dontae 27 Insurance Investigator Long Beach, California
Geno Walker 33 Bar Trivia Host Chicago, Illinois
Kam 30 Homeland Security Attorney New York City, New York
Lindsey 27 Engineer Boston, Massachusetts
Melina Alves 29 Flight Attendant Chicago, Illinois
Ronnie 42 Bounty Hunter Kenilworth, New Jersey
Sasha Horne 28 Journalist Washington, District of Columbia
Sheri Marsh 28 Ex-NFL Cheerleader Los Angeles, California
Ulysses Wilson 30 Attorney Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania